Solar Cells & Photonics Research Laboratory

School of Chemistry
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

AC conductivity studies on electron-irradiated ZnO: Li thin films

Authors: Balaji Biradar, VM Jali, B Murali, SB Krupanidhi, Ganesh Sanjeev

Keywords: sol gel, ZnO:Li thin films, electron irradiation

Year: 2014​​

Abstract: The effects of 8 MeV electron irradiation (with variable fluence) on the electrical and optical properties of Lithium doped Zinc oxide thin films prepared by sol-gel synthesis are reported. There is a decrease in crystallinity and crystallite size with increase in fluence, as confirmed by XRD and SEM. We observe a decrease in transmittance, band gap and refractive index, while there is an increase in the extension coefficient with the fluence. I-V measurements have shown a decrease in leakage current and interestingly, the metal-semiconductor-metal (M-S-M) device shows only the ohmic behavior after irradiation. ​​


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