Solar Cells & Photonics Research Laboratory

School of Chemistry
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

Near-infrared photoactive Cu3BiS3 thin films by co-evaporation

Authors: Banavoth Murali, M Madhuri, SB Krupanidhi

Keywords: Copper, Photodetectors, Semiconductors, Thin film deposition, Electrodes

Year: Journal of Applied Physics 115, 173109 (2014)​​

Abstract: Semiconducting Cu3BiS3 (CBS) thin films were deposited by co-evaporation of Cu, Bi elemental metallic precursors, with in situ sulphurisation, using a quartz effusion cell. Cu3BiS3 thin films were structurally characterized by XRD and FE-SEM. The chemical bonding of the ions was examined by XPS. As deposited films were demonstrated for metal–semiconductor–metal near IR photodectection under lamp and laser illuminations. The photo current amplified to three orders and two orders of magnitude upon the IR lamp and 60 m W cm−2 1064 nm IR laser illuminations, respectively. Larger grains, made up of nano needle bunches aided the transport of carriers. Transport properties were explained based on the trap assisted space charge conduction mechanism. Steady state detector parameters like responsivity varied from 1.04 AW−1 at 60 m Wcm−2 to 0.22 AW−1 at 20 m Wcm−2. Detector sensitivity of 295 was found to be promising and further could be tuned for better responsivity and efficiency in utilization of near infra-red photodetector​​


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