Solar Cells & Photonics Research Laboratory

School of Chemistry
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India


NMR Spectrophotometer

The NMR facility in School has three Spectrometers (BRUKER), namely two 400 MHz NMR and one 500 MHz NMR Spectrometers for advanced multidimensional solution and solid states for experiments. The magnet is ultra-shield, long holding liquid helium and liquid nitrogen types.

The radial 5 square line is less than a meter from the center of the magnet with ant vibration dumping  system. The facility also supports all major 2D and 3D pulse programs with efficient water suppression, gradient shiming, phase cycling and DOSY experiments. The facility also has variable temperature unit (+100°C to - 40°C)

The spectrometers are equipped with broad band observe probes including Fluorine & BBFO and TXI (Triple resonance inverse probe), CPMAS probe for solid state.